This is the Dudley young advisors blog, we work in and around Dudley through the help of Dudley Connexions in improving young peoples empowerment, as well as working with companies on ways to improve their business so it accommodates young peoples views. We want to get your views and opinions on your local area through the use of WordPress, Flickr and Twitter.

We want you to upload pictures of your local area and discuss what you think is great about it, or what you think is not so great along with what issues are surrounding it. These pictures you upload and tag in our photo stream will appear on this page and will allow all of those who view this site to see your local area.

Following us on twitter will allow us to add tweets to the live feed which we think as young people will benefit you, along with tweeting ourselves about what we are doing, most importantly finding out what you the young people of Dudley are up to. We just want the you to talk about your area and show us photos of your area so we along with the other young people of Dudley know what their local area is about.

Please visit and start uploading pictures from your local area!







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