• Are you aged 16-18 and not in education, training or employment?
  • Do you need help with gaining skills?

Maybe the ESF NEET Programme is the right option for you.  

On the  ESF NEET programme you will focus on building on your skills with a view to enabling you to progress onto further education and training or employment.  The learning packages offer not only traditional Functional  Skills/Key Skills but will also work on confidence and building self esteem, career ambitions and helping to remove barriers  to progression.

No matter what your circumstances are or situation is the programmes are designed to help you as well as address your needs. You will also gain the opportunity to get some practical ‘hands on’ experience in any areas of work you are interested in.

Depending on your circumstances you may also be eligible for Bursary Fund payments.

The ESF NEET programmes currently running in Dudley are –